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  • Non-standard windows Price

    Non-standard windows Price

Non-standard Plastic windows.

Non-standard window prices on request.

We can offer arched windows, both hinged and non-hinged.
It is possible to make trapezoidal windows swinging and non-swinging.
We design windows with extended opening window mechanisms.
We produce sliding-folding windows.

To calculate the price of windows you need to know:
– window dimensions width x height
-what is the distribution of windows
– which parts open
– color of windows from the outside / from the inside
-what is the glazing of windows (standard glazing or 3-glazing)
-If you need a window installation, you need to know the city or town
– if window sills are needed – window sills depth.

We calculate PVC windows within one day after receiving your request.

Order the windows. After receiving the order, our manager will contact you within one day.
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